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Delivery options

We offer a range of options for the delivery and fitting of your Safe&Sound.

Before making your choice please watch our video on how easy it is to assemble a Safe&Sound in the FAQ page.

The heaviest piece is the plywood and foam floor at 30kg.

The entire range of Safe&Sound products have been designed to flat pack onto a standard Euro pallet 1m x 1.2m x 2m ht, Mini 135kg, Midi 150kg, Maxi 175kg. These pallets can be sent anywhere in the UK and most countries worldwide at very reasonable costs, £150 being typical for most of the UK.

If a delivery vehicle with a tail lift is required this can be arranged. Inside the wooden box designed to protect your Safe&Sound all the parts are packed in boxes and bags for easy unloading by hand.

We are aware that some people will not have the ability to take on the delivery of a pallet or the ability to assemble the product once it has arrived. If this is the case we will try and find a handyman in your area who will take delivery and then deliver and fit it into your home. Please contact us for help.

If you prefer, we can also deliver and install it for you, just give us your postcode and we will give you a quote.

Collect in person. If you want to collect your Safe&Sound just contact us with a day and time, we will even help you do a test assembly if required.

Please contact us ‘BEFORE DESPATCH’ if you think access for a 7.5ton box van would be a problem or if unloading a pallet is not possible.

Payment Terms

Funding info

Obtaining funding in the current climate is no easy matter. The information below may help you obtain funding.


We have designed the Safe and Sound pods to fit into the two main categories of funding. All our pods are fitted with feet that can be left free standing making it fall into the equipment category, or alternatively they can be fixed to the floor making it fall into the adaptation DFG grant category.


Need support for your meeting with the Panel? Sara Rodway OT was so impressed by the results she got after loaning two of our travels pod to twin autistic six year olds, that she wrote a case study to help her application for funding for two permanent versions. Good news is the panel were so impressed that they agreed to fund one (a first for that area). Sara has very kindly let us have a copy of this report to help others obtain funding. Please see the resource section below

Newlife one of the best funders we know.



Lifeline 4 Kids

Caudwell Children

Children Today

Most charity funders will require an application form to be completed by both the family and a healthcare professional. Some grants are means tested others are not most of them will require the following information:-

  • Methods you have tried before looking at our equipment ( behaviour modification, stable doors etc)
  • Evidence that council funding is not available.
  • A pro-forma Invoice for our equipment.

Charitable funding

Sadly council funding is all but none existent for special needs travel beds. However, please see our list of charity funders who have been great at helping people to purchase these.

  • Standard Travel in a range of different designs:- £1871
  • Stability Kit to prevent tipping in cases of challenging behaviour:- £80
  • 50mm Foam mattress to enable use of normal bedding :- £85
  • Please note the fabric used in our travel pods is designed for light weight and compactness it is not wipe clean and will require cleaning in a bath or jet washing from time to time. For extended use in homes we can offer a full custom made fabric (wipe cleanable) in addition or in place of the travel version. These can be produced in a range of fabrics and designs to best suit the user, please ask for details.

Still not sure? Then read the independent product reviews at :-