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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the beds for ?

Our products have been used mainly for adults and children with Autism, Fragile X and general challenging behaviour. However they have alos been used for epilepsy, brittle bones, Angelman sundrome, head trauma and many other conditions.

How strong are they ?

VERY. We make the frames of light but strong steel and aluminium tube and our own specially made corner brackets. The fabric is the type used in Bouncy castles and curtain sided trucks. We can even make them super tough if you tell us when you order. Please see our video section for our product testing demonstration.

What if I need to move my bed?

The beds are designed to dismantled without the need for any special tools. The frame and the fabric are simply bolted and zipped together. Please contact us for the instructions.

What if there’s a fire ?

All the materials used in the construction of a Safe&Sound are fire retardant , we also supply a special knife that can be used to cut an exit hole in an emergency. Please consult your local fire safety officer for advise.

Do you send them abroad ?

All our products fit onto a standard euro pallet and can be shipped worldwide. Please contact us for prices.

How easy are they to assemble ?

Two people can easily assemble a Safe&Sound in under 30 minutes without any tools, please watch our video.

I don't think I can assemble one, can you help ?

Most communities have an ’odd job person’ who will be more than capable of assembling the bed and we are happy to help you find the right person in your area.

We live down a small lane can you still deliver a pallet ?

Yes but we need to know BEFORE we send the pallet, to enable a small van to be used.

My Safe&Sound is no longer suitable for my child do I need to buy a different version ?

There is no need to buy a new product. Because all Safe&Sound products share the same components, even a change in height would only require a new textile and four new uprights.

For hygiene reasons we need different textiles for different clients is this possible ?

Textiles can be swapped over in about 15 minutes so clients in respite centres can have their own textile designed just for them.

We need to clean behind our Safe&Sound can it be moved ?

All the Safe&Sound range can be fitted with castors if required, in addition because the corners ensure that the Safe&Sound are always a safe distance from any walls they do not need to be bolted to the floor unless essential.

Are they made to BS standard ?

All our fabrics are fire retardant to UK and European standards, they also meet all current toxicity regulations and are phallate free. All our products are tested to IEC 60601-2-52 the European standard for hospital beds.

What Guarantee do you offer ?

We offer a full 12 months guarantee against faults on all our products.

Do you offer credit ?

No, but we are able to accept VISA payments.

Can we get help buying one ?

Government funding is often available in the UK, charities have funded them and some people have fund raised to buy them, we are also looking at starting a second hand market. Please contact us for details.

How do you clean them ?

DON’T use bleach, cream cleaner or ANY alkali based cleaner as they attack the PVC fabric. Dilute Detergent or disinfectant work well, wet wipes are good for small areas and white spirit can be used for difficult stains then washed off. For heavy soiling from smearing etc the ultimate cleaning method is the humble jet wash! Erect it outside (without the foam floor) and watch it come up like new.

I need to use a hoist, will they work with your Safe&Sounds ?

Yes, at the moment floor hoists can be used with any of our 2m high models. Just make sure that the legs are set to the middle or top hole is used when assembling them. Later this year we will be releasing a new feature that will allow the low sided models to be used with floor hoists and ceiling hoists. Please contact us with your details and we will notify you when this feature becomes available.

Can I design my own corner covers ?

Yes, included in our price are two decorative corner covers for the two front corners. These covers are available in a range of patterned fabrics and appliqué designs or a printed design on durable PVC banner fabric. The print can include photo images, text, scans of drawing, basically anything you can save as a JPEG file we can have printed. Please contact us for full details.

Can I use my own mattress ?

Yes, because we use standard bed sizes and the internal space has square corners your own mattress should fit. Please check our internal size measurement's to make sure.

Do you make a profiling bed ?

We don't make a powered profiling bed, but we can supply a manual version. The roll can be positioned under the knees and the wedge can be used in either position to give a reclined or a seating position. Please refer to our product page.