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Customisation is Key!

Custom Design Example

We take great pride in providing beds that are not just about safety - they are cherished by the children and families that own them.

Many of our customers tell us that they love their beds, and a big part of that is our customisation process. Here's a chat with Paul Wood who looks after the customisation process at Creative Care.

"We've explored a variety of themes, including space. For example, kids' rooms might have space-themed wallpaper with astronauts. We've constructed beds to complement these themes, like a grey bed with oval windows, designed to resemble a spaceship. The bed's exterior features patterns that mimic docking ports, levels, and blasters, enhancing the space room theme.

Nautical theme

We also tailor beds to match other wallpaper themes, such as jungles, dragons, and dinosaurs. In one project, we integrated elements from the dinosaur image the client provided into the bed’s corner design.

Installing these beds, I've observed children's joyful reactions. They often rush to the bed, sometimes even hugging it, which is heart-warming. This connection comes from the design's resonance with their favourite images be it a shape, a colour or even a character from TV shows or series.

Incorporating these familiar images into the bed and its design, on the padded corners, brings confidence to the family. They feel they're providing something their child will love.

Families often face challenges with their children's sleep arrangements. For years, parents might have slept beside their child for safety reasons. Transitioning the child to sleeping independently in a new bed is a significant change. A bed that's appealing, comfortable, and safe helps both the child and family in this process. The child learns to self-settle and gain independence, while the family gains confidence in the bed's success.

Paul Wood

Customisation is key in these projects. Families contribute significantly to the bed's design, from window placement to colour. We consider their preferences for window placement not just for light but also to allow parents to check on the child without disturbance.

Colour is another crucial aspect. Some children, sensitive to light, might prefer darker beds with fewer windows. Others might favour lighter, more open spaces. This choice often depends on the child's sensory needs. For example, children who seek sensory comfort prefer enclosed spaces to reduce the sensory overload. We take all these factors into account during the design process."


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